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WARNING - This blog is about bone cleaning and will include pictures of the entire process in its various stages.

This blog is meant to help educate and instruct those who wish to learn how to clean Ethically Scavenged bones.

I focus on honoring and appreciating nature and it's gifts - as well as respecting animal rights and helping to protect and preserve wildlife and habitat.

You may also find : interesting fossils, skeletal abnormalities, bone collecting through the ages, prehistoric bone tools and art plus information about the Skeletal systems of commonly found animals.


Mini vacation to Lynden,WA has been great. Already stumbled across bones out near the train tracks that run through the farmland. Poor kitty, I hope you had a wonderful life of slow mice and warm barns.


The forest is full of life.. and death. Everything has a purpose in nature.

This is an Elk


Another public service announcement and educational post! Many people are unaware that it is federally illegal to sell mounted taxidermy cats and dogs. You can pay to have your cat or dog mounted, but it cannot be resold if you were to ever tire of it. The Dog and Cat Fur Protection Act is what makes it illegal. This was put in place by the Federal Trade Commission because China was exporting dog and cat furs into the US and illegally mislabeling them as “Chinese wolf or Chinese wildcat fur.” The Act strictly says cat and dog pelts and pelt products; since taxidermy only uses the pelt it makes it illegal to sell. As for jarred wet specimens and mummies, it is up to the sellers interpretation of the law it seems. The definition of pelt says the skin of an animal and most jarred specimens or mummies are whole or the skin is intact. The Federal Trade Commission doesn’t take violations lightly and they even offer rewards to people who help turn violators in. With how trendy all this has become it is a good idea to read up on laws or pass info around whenever possible. Thanks to @jamieroadkill for letting me use a picture of her Tiny for this posting! ❤️ #taxidermy #themoreyouknow


Brooklyn artist Stephen Shaheen sets out to carve the largest collection of bone sculptures out of marble

My name is Stephen Shaheen, and I’m an artist living in Brooklyn, New York.  I’m working on a really exciting sculpture installation that I hope you join me in creating.

I’m carving bones out of marble.  A lot of bones.

My ultimate goal is to make a huge sculptural installation by the end of 2015.  How big?  The size of this artwork will be scaled by YOU! 

That is, for every person who donates, the installation is going to grow. Whether you want me to make a hundred or a thousand, I’m going to sculpt one marble bone for every $100 received.

There is no limit.

Why Bones?  Why Kickstarter?

Bones are fascinating as abstract, sculptural forms.  Yet they also contain the same calcium that forms the geologic “bones” of the earth.  Marble is literally the crystalized skeletons of ancient sea life.  Even its veining reminds me of our own physiology.  I want to offer a poetic interpretation of these complex relationships in an immense assemblage of marble bones.

I am a believer in the limitless and unforeseeable potential of collaborative art…crowd-sourced projects take on a life of their own, continually evolving through the transformative power of the collective.  Between 2002 and 2011, hundreds of helpers joined me to create a 100-ton marble and granite 9/11 memorial in Highlands, New Jersey, which was completely crowd-sourced—both in donations of materials and cash, as well as the contribution of multiple hands in the actual sculpting process.

find out more about this project by visiting his Kickstarter page HERE

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hey folks who live in L.A . CA and surrounding areas

are there wild mink running around where you live?

(i’m curious because i’ve seen quite a few ‘etsy based bone shops’ from California selling mink bones and claiming to have ‘found’ them, fully intact with all teeth and no damage) - strange, yes?


ID? From around Washington. Thanks in advance! :)

 Washington state has a population of invasive rats and eastern grey squirrels, especially in and around larger cities like Seattle (which is affectionately called “rat city”)

These could be rat or maybe squirrel. Both are very common. Since i’m not sure where these were found its a little tough to guess, the larger jaw could also be Muskrat.

These site have great images and allow further comparison :

(via ruskket)

Asker ruskket Asks:
Could you ID some jaws for me? First post on my blog. Thanks in advance :)
bonecleaning bonecleaning Said:


Please send me a link to the post or post the photos to this blog via the ‘submit photos’ option, thank you!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
What is a safe degreasing solution?
bonecleaning bonecleaning Said:

i personally used warm water and mrs. myers dish soap. (about a teaspoon of soap to a litre of warm water.

( afterwards i use the water to clean the toilets, steps/patio, other dirtier bones ect. since Mrs. Myers is All Natural )

i’ll be doing a bigger tutorial on degreasing soon - i’d love to hear what other people prefer

favorite degreasing method?