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WARNING - This blog is about bone cleaning and will include pictures of the entire process in its various stages.

This blog is meant to help educate and instruct those who wish to learn how to clean Ethically Scavenged bones.

I focus on honoring and appreciating nature and it's gifts - as well as respecting animal rights and helping to protect and preserve wildlife and habitat.

You may also find : interesting fossils, skeletal abnormalities, bone collecting through the ages, prehistoric bone tools and art plus information about the Skeletal systems of commonly found animals.


Bone tree. Photo by Dr Paul Koudounaris, author of The Empire of Death. Via The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice


holy wow

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So I’m assuming he won.

Well, there’s nothing for him to have won. These bloodied antlers aren’t the result of a fight. See, deer lose their antlers and grow new ones every year. When they grow new antlers, the new antlers are covered in a fine, fuzzy skin called velvet. When the time comes for the antlers to stop growing and become hard and sharp, the velvet becomes very uncomfortable and the deer rub their antlers on rough surfaces like trees to scrape it off.

Because antler is bone, and because the velvet that helps them grow is very blood-rich, bucks who have recently shed their velvet look very gory! Not to worry though, this is all perfectly natural and soon the dead skin and blood will go away and leave behind a magnificent set of mature antlers, just in time for the autumn mating season.

deers metal as fuck

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Asker barbiescum Asks:
hey (: I want to ask you sth... I have a rat's corpse (a gift from my cat) and I want to use the bones for jewerly. I want to know how to accelerate the decomposition of the body cuz I have it in a box for like more than a month now and it's still almost complete :/ thank you! (:
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You have a few options. There is a step by step bone cleaning tutorial on the main page of this blog :

Maceration is probably gonna be your best bet unless you have access to Dermestid Beetles, burial takes a few months.


Rottweiler, Bulldog, & Chihuahua.


So question, this guy’s selling bird of prey skulls on eBay(in the US). Reported them and the skulls got taken down last night, but now they’re reposted and end in 2ish hours. Would eBay respond to a mass flood of reports or take their time and possibly reading one?



Brought my pig skull in from the meadow where It had been in this cage for the scavengers to clean.


If any of you were wondering what it’s like to Vulture about on the Thames - have a gander at this. They’re harder to spot in a photo than in Real Life unfortunately, but all those brown rocks? Bones. It can be quite overwhelming (but fun) trying to pick through them! (No digging)

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Few places are farther north than Svalbard, an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean that’s officially part of Norway — even if it lies halfway between the mainland and the North Pole. A photographer who goes by his Flickr handle, “buen viaje,” came across the submerged vertebrae of a fin whale while on a trip from Iceland to Svalbard in 2010.

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I'm very excited for fall, antler shedding season :-) Have you found any types of places in particular where they fall off naturally? Like at tree bases or something?
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i don’t actually find naturally shed antlers here on the west side of Washington, not that there are none - just that you rarely ever see them.

Most deer and elk seem to drop their antlers high up in the mountain foothills or on the other side of the mountains in Eastern Washington, where there are rattlesnakes.

I was in issaquah walking in the woods cleaning up trash and we found a full set of horns just laying there in the woods.

that’s an awesome find - i’ve found quite a few antlers and partial deer skulls in alleyways and around abandoned homes. I imagine they’re one of those things you leave behind on accident when you have to move….

also, most deer drop antlers in the spring